The Human Body
Your students will discover how 
their body’s major (non reproductive) systems function by doing thought provoking experiments and examining actual animal tissue. They won’t lose their heads when they touch a real human skull! (Great preparation for 5th grade Connecticut science CMT)
This ground shaking program examines Earth structure, continental drift, volcanoes, and basic geology. Your class will discover how the world beneath their feet is constantly changing. After your kids erupt their volcanoes, it’s outside to dig for authentic fossilized shark teeth! (Great preparation for 5th grade Connecticut science CMT)

Resounding Sound
Good vibrations here! Your students will learn that sound is just matter vibrating. They’ll send sound waves through a cable, make an amplifier, create a sound box, and more. The ear and vocal chords will also be examined.

Circuit Circus 
Learn the shocking truth 
about electricity. Discover the physics of lightning. Create static, and experiment with low voltage to create working circuits. Then we zap your student’s imagination with a hair raising Van de Graaf demonstration! Electrical safety will be emphasized. (Great prep for 4th grade NY Elementary Science Test and 5th grade Connecticut science CMT)
Whats-a-Matter U.
No graduate degree needed. Just watch as your students perform thought provoking experiments to discover the cool and hot properties of matter. Buoyancy, density, volume, and voids will also be addressed. (Great preparation for 5th grade Connecticut Science CMT and 4th grade NY Elementary Science Test)
Chemical ReACTions II
Measure and record pH levels, 
create chemical reactions, perform chemical tests, and learn the causes of acid rain. Your class will have a blast while learning all about chemistry. (Great preparation for 5th grade Connecticut science CMT)
Plantastic Plants II
Discover plants’ role in breaking 
apart carbon dioxide. Experiment with capillary action, dissect seeds, and turn a white flower red in 20 minutes. Change the way your students look at the earth’s flora. (Great preparation for 5th grade Connecticut science CMT)
Programs for the Upper Elementary Grades
Magnet Dragnet
Calling all scientists who want to learn how iron becomes a   magnet. Discover the magnetic secret of electric motors. Find out why the Earth has a magnetic field, and your students even get to take home the electro magnet they build. (Great preparation for 5th grade Connecticut science CMT)
Storm Front
Learn how the coriolis effect creates new weather patterns. Explore the causes of thunder, lightning, hurricanes and tornados. Discover the causes of climate change, and experience lightning in the classroom. (Great preparation for 4th grade NY Elementary Science Test)

Global Warming/Alternative Energy
Your students will discover the causes, effects and possible cures for global warming. They will learn how electricity is created, and experiment with carbon neutral energy sources including solar, hydrogen and wind.
Bugs N’ Bones II
How do humans differ from bugs? Eeeew, we have bones on the inside! Make exoskeleton and endoskeleton models. See and feel all sorts of bones, meet live giant bugs, make a bugs eye, and go on a hunt to find million year old fossils.

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