Fun With Science 
An introduction to the scientific process. Students perform fun and simple experiments investigating static electricity, flotation, chemistry, and magnetism.
(1 hour kindergarten program)
Facts of the Matter *
An expository look into how heat and cold changes the three forms of matter. Air pressure, surface tension and buoyancy will also be examined.
Me and My Magnets *
Magnets do more than just hold those ‘A’ papers to the fridge. 
The students will learn how 
magnets work, and discover their practical applications in every day life. They wont be repelled by the 
electromagnet they build.

Weather Your Right *
Your class will make tornadoes, touch lightning, form a cloud, and learn by active experimentation that weather is created by pressure and temperature.
Sensational Senses *
An exploration of the five senses. Your students will learn how each functions by performing half a dozen thought provoking, eyes, nose, ears, tongue & hands on activities.
Plantastic Plants *
Get to the root of how plants work. See photosynthesis in action, track the food chain, and analyze tree rings. These are just a few of the experiments in this activity packed program.
Bugs N’ Bones *
How do humans differ from bugs? Eeeew, we have bones on the inside! Make exoskeleton and endoskeleton models. See and feel all sorts of bones, meet live giant bugs, and go on a fossil
hunt to find actual million year shark teeth.
Hooked on Sonics
A sound idea for any class. Your students will discover how sound travels, by conducting fun, noisy, and informative experiments. They’ll see sound, and learn it can pass through solids, liquids and gases.
Chemical ReACTions
Your students will bubble with enthusiasm as they learn about chemistry. Watch them test PH levels, make hypotheses, and discover how the Statue of Liberty turned green. They even get to keep their own chemical reaction!
All about ……. Air
This workshop will blow your students away. Make bubbles, feel suction, watch a solid turn into a gas, and weigh air. And then its outside to send a returnable message into the atmosphere on a helium balloon.
Our Bodies
A simple look at how our bodies function and process food. Exercise, nutrition
and hygiene, and germ transmission are also examined. Kids even get to touch animal organs and a real human skull.
Programs for Lower Elementary Grades

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