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Program Highlights

Monday ~ Electricity and Magnetism
Explore static electricity, analyze direct current, create circuits, perform electrochemical reactions, observe silver plating, feel a hair raising Van de Graaf, discover the physics of magnetism, and make a working electro-magnet.

Tuesday ~ Anatomy and the Five Senses
Non reproductive anatomy including a beating heart, gasping lungs, the digestive system, stomach acids, blood cleansing kidneys, and a real human skull. See how our ears amplify sound, make an eye model, perform ‘tasteful’ activities, and feel an icky touch experiment.

Wednesday ~ Chemistry & Matter
Make slime, analyze pH levels, create chemical reactions, weigh gases, make a submarine, observe dry ice experiments, discover the void of space and the power of nothing. Make super absorbent powders, and much more.

Thursday ~ Plants and Earth Science
Analyze tree rings, track the food chain, see photosynthesis in action, dye a flower, discover the mystery of seeds. Hey, osmosis was never this fun! Then we will discover what makes the world rock. We’ll make volcanic eruptions, analyze minerals, dig for fossils, move tectonic plates and form a tsunami.

Friday ~ Sound, Weather and Aeronautics
Experiment with tuning forks, sound boxes, bells and whistles to learn the what, where, how, and why of sound. Your kids will even see sound and discover why it can not travel through space. Then make tornadoes, touch lightning, see the rain, and observe the Coriolis effect. Finally, we will FLY! We launch balloons (complete with postage paid return address cards!) helicopters and the rockets the kids have been building throughout the week. Parents are encouraged to attend.
Summer Enrichment Series